Training By eturnti on Aug 10 -11 2013….


More people in the line wanting to become architects/managers , join an architectural practice, better your existing knowledge levels and people wanting to climb the architectural ladder in your organisation can augment your skills can benefit from this training. 

What is EA is it a body of knowledge , bunch of frameworks, tools , practices , methodology , best practices ? Know what it is to know what goes behind EA practices and how they are applied to situations and derive value and showcase improvement in the organisation.

Past sessions had the following mix of people attending this training developers,leads, managers,architects, business analysts , consultants working on IT projects, directors and people who are , going to be part of enterprise projects and wanted to know more on how they are managed and executed.

Following are  some of the aspirations of the candidates who attended this training in the past.

1. How are EA projects managed ?

2. How are EA metrics captured , benefits measured and calculated ?

3. What are the EA frameworks and how are they used and applied in principle ?

4. How is this applicable for product development ?

5. Justify the usefulness of EA and measure overall effectiveness of an EA program.

6. Apply these principles to IT and infrastructure projects.

7. Want to lead a team of EA architects and manage an EA project .

8. Usefulness of Togaf and Zachmann and how to apply them to real life projects and derive value. Understand these frameworks and their relevance in setting up an architectural practice.

9. Convince management on architectural best practice and able to contribute to architectural decision making in the organisation.

10. How can we keep EA technology/platform agnostic ?

11. EA and agility where do they mix and match ? Is it really feasible ?

12. How to keep EA projects in iterations well managed and accountable ?

13. Want to know what this buzz EA is all about and what does it mean as I am currently doing architecture work.

Become good at what you are doing, impress your managers,coworkers by attending this course and finally add value to yourself.

Drop a mail at asketurnti[at]eturnti[dot]com to book yourself or click here.



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