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Dharmendra Sankhla           Senior Technical Architect at TSYS

Kiran did an exceptional job on recent TOGAF9.1 training held at our company. As I remember, based on the interaction with the participants and considering their work background during training, he creatively changed his approach and delivered the training in a very effective manner.The way he incorporated some of the real time examples specific to our domain during training was the showing the sign of how adaptive he is. Kiran was a very productive person and is a multi-skilled person with vast knowledge.It’s a pleasure having him as Trainer as he is a customer-service oriented. Highly recommended.

Pradeep Pillai                       Director, Application Systems  TSYS

We used Kiran’s expertize to train, TOGAF 9.1, to a group of Technical Leads and Architects. The four days training gave us key insights into various aspects of TOGAF 9.1 enterprise framework. I recommend him for more consulting opportunities with TOGAF.

Girish Adat                           Senior Software Architect SunTec Trivandrum

The training was supported by the solid professional background of Kiran. All the examples and explanations were also showing the same. Unlike a regular “teaching” oriented usual training we can get from anywhere, the knowledge of an enterprise architect is really worthy during the sessions. He has got a satisfying answers for any of our questions. The answers shows his solid knowledge and experience for more than a decade.

Padmanabhan S Senior Architect SunTec Trivandrum

“…the knowledge of a traveler exceeds that which is got by reading”. In every way, this is true for sessions by Kiran; which proves how a normal theory ‘class room’ is different from we having a ‘discussion’ with an Enterprise Architect (by profession) with a solid 2 decades field experience. Power packed by his experience; the way he delivers the subject is inspiring and a great value add to us. He handles the sessions excellently both professionally and personally. All the best Kiran!

Senthil Kumar                      Director – Technology Aricent

I attended the Enterprise Architecture training provided by Kiran. Kiran made the otherwise dry subject very interesting and engaging. I got good understanding of Zachmann and TOGAF enterprise architecture methodologies from the training. I would recommend his training to anyone who wants to get basic and sound understanding of Enterprise Architecture.

Manas Sahu                         Principal Engineer/Technical Architect at GXS (now OpenText)

I was part of a batch professionals trained by Kiran for TOGAF 9.1. Kiran possesses the right depth and breadth to train on a subject that can be at times very relative and can be interpreted in many different ways. His capability to keep the sessions engaging with case studies and examples was amazing. With the right level of detail and attention to the subject matter, the introduction to the world of TOGAF was made simple by Kiran. I will highly recommend Kiran.

Nafees Ahmad                    Head – NSN Online Services (NOLS) at Nokia Siemens Networks

Kiran Divakaran was our trainer for TOGAF 9.1 combined (L1 & 2) 4-days course organized by ITprenuers. Kiran with more than 15 years of deep, diverse and hands-on experience was probably one of the best fit for the program. Apart from his great subject knowledge, I was impressed by his organizing and facilitating skills. He was able to steer the discussion and class in right direction to produce expected outcome in terms of learning’s and take away’s along with fulfilling strict course format and deadline. I wish Kiran all the luck for his future ventures

Rohinton Dumasia                 CEO – RD Taps

Kiran as a mentor, trainer, friend never goes away from your life and happily so!! His practical working knowledge is his greatest strength which is evident from tips and guidance he gives is excellent. It was a pleasure to be trained by him, there never was a dull moment.
Best wishes.

Tania Loughran                 Lead Business Analyst Colt Technology Services UK

Kiran was a friendly and knowledgeable trainer who brought lots of experience to our TOGAF 9.1 practitioner training, which helped with achieving accreditation and gaining good background information on the course, thanks!

Spoorthy Kiran           Senior Solutions Architect Dell / EMC

The entire content of the course was very well articulated , tailored to make sense for an individual who comes from a pure infrastructure background. At the end of the course the information that I learnt provides me with enough confidence to deal with architecture projects across the landscape thereby enabling me to become a better architecture professional.

Jaydeep Rajan                              Technical Architect – Cap Gemini
I would like to recommend Kiran’s training for people who want to learn TOGAF. Most of the examples in the training were based on his professional experience. The classes are very interactive and he encourages the participants to share their experience on various topics. There was not a dull moment during the 4 days of training. Thank you very much.

Shyam Popuri                     Senior Solution Architect  WasteManagement Inc  Texas

Kiran is an excellent speaker and trainer. He articulates the content very well for the students to understand. He is very patient, goes out of his way to explain various real life business scenario wherever possible. He makes sure that his students are well trained and satisfied with his answers.
The best part of TOGAF 9.1 course was the details on the ADM, ADM guidelines and techniques, Content meta-model and Enterprise Continuum. He made the course look very easy to understand with great examples. It was great to learn TOGAF 9.1 from him. I wish him all the best and surely go-back to him for any training needs in future.

Pramod Gujjar                                                        Technology Lead Infosys
The course material is well organized and very intuitive. Kiran has very good knowledge of the enterprise framework and has a vast industry experience. He is able to give live examples from the industry and help relate the learner with the content. Effective delivery and personal attention was given to each individual learner. Overall I strongly recommend the training. A very satisfying experience.

Meghashyam Simha              Principal Technology Consultant ITC Infotech

Involving all members to collectively think in order to come out with the right answers / examples / use cases during respective modules was quite interactive and helpful. It made us understand things in a better fashion.

Bhargava Raju                        Associate Consultant Cognizant

Kiran Divakaran has immense experience in the areas of architecture his lectures speak volumes of that and is adept in understanding the psyche of the trainee and greatly can acclimatize it to trainee needs. He creates an astounding environment for learning. He has been instrumental in shaping me to be an aspiring architect given a short span of time. He is one of the person with whom I would like to have an association with.

The best part of the course was the details on the ADM, ADM guidelines and techniques, architecture, content Meta model and enterprise continuum. Some great candid examples were used in understanding these concepts which I believe will establish me as an accomplished architect. The course ware was rich in articulating the most abstract concepts in an easy to understand way. The time bound exercises were useful and will instill confidence in preparing you for the TOGAF 9.1 examination.

Overall the course structuring was indeed of great help for one who would be appearing for the examination. It has been an enriching sojourn with Kiran bringing out those on the spot technical discussions when required.

Praveen Pattam                      Senior Technology Architect ITC Infotech

The presentation style and the slides are good. The way the questions are presented and seek the answers from the audience thereby making the concept clear and completing the subject is good.

Narendra Patil                         Lead Consultant ITC Infotech

Content of the course is very informative. Real world examples helps to relate to the concepts. Helps to visualize all the points under consideration while architecting the customer solution.

Lalmon Kurian                 General Manager ITC Infotech

Overall good experience. The program adds a professional touch to our architecture consulting job.

Deepesh Dhapola                 Delivery Manager ITC Infotech

It is a great learning experience with Kiran as the learning material consists of significant amount of questions and answers that keeps the audience interested to learn more.

Anil Pillai                                 Senior Techincal Manager Technotree

It helps in understanding the overall architecture landscape and how to go about translating the requirement / vision to an actual solution. Mapping the case study with ADM phases was really a nice experience.

M Johnson Anbunath           Senior Technical Manager Technotree

It helps to understand the flow of Enterprise Architecture that can be useful to apply in the real time telecom based projects. Also Kiran takes a lot of examples to explain each artifact in detail irrespective of the domain like banking / telecom. I will recommend this training to my office colleagues to understand TOGAF which can be useful to the organizations to go to the next level.

Jeevan Sahay RajKumar            Technical Specialist , Intertec Dubai

I strongly recommend network and system experts to get trained in TOGAF to take your career to the next level. My experience with Eturnti is very good and they are professional.

Vishala Naina P                          Business Analyst  , Shell 

Helps to give an overall perspective of Architecture role in an organization. All the questions were answered very well.

Mathan Francis                           Systems Architect , JDA Software

I appreciate Kiran for his efforts to bring the candidate up to speed in any skill aspect and use his own experience to explain a concept of terminology in the course. Overall it was worth the money.

Manivannan Rajendran               Enteprise Business Architect Mercedes Benz

Liked the explanation with real life examples.

Sathya Prasad Lanka                      Senior Architect GE

Liked ADM, ACF Framework, and deliverables at each phases, artifacts and the Enterprise Continuum.

Shanthi Uchula                                  Technical Lead GE

Liked the group exercises case studies, architecture content framework/ Metamodel. Helped us prepare for the certification/ preparation for exams. Engage learners and participants well. The course had a bottoms up approach (especially while explaining the Arch Content Metamodel / artifacts).

Ashok Kothapally                            Lead Analyst / IT Project Manager GE

Liked ADM and enterprise continuum. Kiran has got good architecture knowledge and explained Togaf with good examples.

J Sathya                                               Senior Architect GE

Liked concepts of the course EA, Togaf framework, ADM. Overall the course content is good.

Amarnath M                                           Architect GE

Liked ADM, this gave me a strategic understanding of the architecture methodology. Nice workshop in total. It helps me to sharpen my architecture skills and grow in my career.

Vikram Deshpande                                 IT Architect Infrastructure Hosting IBM

All relevant vocabulary was highlighted to avoid confusion and misinterpretation. Q and A and quizzes were well timed and helped complete the understanding of the modules.

Vishal Rushtagi                                        AVP Enterprise Architect Compunnel Software Group

He managed the queries well and explained with relevant real time examples. The course is good and effective.

Vijay Shankar Dubey                              Architect TVASTAR Engineering Solutions

He involves people throughout the discussions and also addresses the problems well. Overall a good course.

Amit Jain                                                   Senior Architect Rategain

Keeps the audience engaged and quotes practical and valid examples. The course is engaging and effective from a learning perspective.


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