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Summary Execute Execute Execute – Message from StartupCity2013


Was at the startup city 2013 NIMHANS Bangalore yesterday. Was fun/motivating/inspiring to hear from stories of struggle and eventual triumph hitting blocks and then tasting success at all scales from small medium shops to big success such as Chetan Maini ( reva fame), Arun Jain ( Polaris) , Cric Info founders , Gaadi / Galaata founders. The air smelled of entrepreneurship and Silicon India organized it paving a way for an ecosystem where like minded folks gather and discuss ideas big and small.

Listing down a few key takeaways  which are eternal in nature and many echoed the same.

Chethan Maini (Reva) ( Be passionate about your work) . Money is an offshoot of your work.         It is OK for people to laugh / not agree with your idea initially but believe in yourself.

Arun Jain ( Polaris)

Team building is being part of the team and not merely leading the team. Feel as if you are one.       Have many ideas what to do ? Stick to one idea , eat the idea, sleep with the idea and get up from bed with the idea and you will find success.

Padmaja Ruparel ( IAN Network)

A class B idea with a class A team is better than an class A idea with a class B team. Finally execution , execution and execution alone matters.

Balaji Parthasarthy  ( SnapFish)

Know what works for you and a team is better than an individual as more energy and diversity is put to use. Of course single founder exceptions could be there as well.

Many people think on the same lines finally whoever sticks or believes in their idea and takes it to conclusion gets the slice of the cake ( angels/VCs included)

2 Minute Elevator Pitch ( Tell me what you do in 2 minutes product/team/company etal )

The best part of the program was each startup was given a 2 minute elevator pitch to drive home the message what they do. Some performed great in the act and some still taking baby steps in their companies and products did not do so well although they might have great products. Overall no idea is mean or small there is a potential in everything that solves a problem or a society’s need for something.

Meet the VCs 

You did not need credentials to meet people to fund your ideas there were separate rooms for finding people to fund your ideas and evaluate them.

There were people other great people who were part of open discussions and finally the CXO conclave at the end of the day sharing their stories and thoughts on tech entrepreneurship in India.

Overall the event was great and nice to breathe the same air as that of the founders and CXO’s of various companies big and small under one roof. It was definitely worth hearing to many young turks who are on their way to creating something great and of value to the society. The startup culture is on its way and as per discussions now India is only way behind the bay area in US in terms of emerging startup scene. It is good to get yourself in there and get rub shoulders with a crowd who stick out and ready to tread a different path to achieve the destiny of their making. If you are not creating something then you cannot predict the future. Nice to know that alongside all the hard work and passion behind the scenes some sweet smells of success of companies could be smelt there. It is good to get the aspiration of people high by hearing of folks who have done it once/twice many times before you. You get a feeling that it is after all not something only a few could venture into…

Nice hangout on a saturday came back feeling Bangalore is happening on many fronts.