Solution Architect Training

 Ployglot programming ,Open Source , Enterprise grade software, on premise , on the cloud, finding the right solution a midst a list of existing solutions/products that lie around it. A solution architect needs to have the knack of finding out what is good for an existing solution among the several options both open source and custom made software lying out there. What mix of these will best fit into the customer environment and with reduced cost. How do you mix agility and lean principles to architecture while applying solution architecture best practices.

Intended Audience : Developers , Leads , Architects , Manager and anyone aspiring to be a solution architect along their career path.

The 2 day workshop covers the following topics :

 1. Basics of Architecture Frameworks ( Zachmann / Togaf )  and how to Apply them.

2. How to dive deep from Enterprise Architecture to Solution Architecture.

3. Basics of Capacity Planning. How do you anticipate and plan for scale here.

4. Basics of Architecture and Design how to apply them to practical scenarios.

5. Basics of Cloud Computing. Essentials for a Solution Architect.

6. Basics of Solution Architecture and how to custom tailor solutions based on customer needs.

7. Requirements Prioritization for an Architect.

8. Agility and an Architect. How much architecture is just needed for the hour and how much later ?

9. Project Management essentials for an Architect.

Case Study : How do you solution architecture a particular problem with a given set of constraints and address the customer requirements ? How does your articulate value and differentiate your proposal from a list of solutions that are there on the table ?

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