Ring in 2016 with Innovating in your Enterprises….

How will you go under the hood and find potential for innovation in your enterprise? The talk of shades of TOGAF thrown in which as a framework has places where you can make way for innovating in companies…

Innovation in Enterprises – How do you go about the same _ from Eturnti on Vimeo.

It is all around and unless you take action and find your innovation potential and align your best efforts in that direction, you as a company can effectively be a thing of the past. What best practices, challenges within and outside the organization will you have to face to get past this? How will you get people to accept a culture of innovation which is disruptive and acceptable in the market? How lean can you become to challenge your own status quo? We will look at a typical banking software company who can start looking at a lot of surround offerings by running parallel experiments instead of just being seen as a banking software player. The idea is to exploit the interface product boundaries and potentially also innovate in more than one industry.

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