How to demo stuff to people ?

How to demo stuff to people where a sense of how it works is evident and you get a sense of being taken through a journey. Tell it like a story as it is told means you are no longer the guy who is shown how the stuff works but almost get to experience what it means to own or work with that product / tech stuff or gadget. There are many  books being written on this topic such as slideology, presentation patterns and effective presentations and so on. Each of them giving you on what is needed to convey your essence to the consumer of your talk. There is a great deal of learning that Steve Jobs added to this topic and many refer to him as the epitome of someone who told a story and that too a captivating one. No one presented like Steve was the standard. Men of his caliber apart from marketing apple to the world around did in many ways up the standard for presentations and cut down on all the flab that goes with presentations. Carry with you the item that you are going to demo , build a story around it weave it together and the world is the stage for the actor/presenter.

Watched this nice presentation on regular expressions which is always an interesting topic where you can do many many wonderful things with regular expressions. It is skill which can be a great time saver and a productivity tool in software development. You learn this skill to keep your bosses and coworkers happy and most of all solve complex problems and find simple time saving solutions to perhaps writing a tool to automate tests, find the up time of a server, find CPU,memory ,RAM usages and where ever else one can lay their hands on writing scripting to ease the job at hand.

This video had everything neatly explained and is a great demo right from the way the title was named /Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions. The title style itself is written in a sort of regular expression way , look for the data between / / and replace it with Demystifying Regular Expression. Great presentation and a tool used in the demo written in java script is available at . Tell your story and you no longer have to present it similar to love the work you do and you no longer have to work.

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