• Process Best Practices Review

  • Technology Best Practices Review

  • Process Tailoring

  • Technology Evangelisation

  • Product / Software Architecture Reviews

Brief List of Services

Setup up a grounds of IT shop and get it off the ground around the entire length and breadth of the  SDLC.
Identify the best fit methodology to be used to get the framework up and running.
Identify risks and bring them to the fore and help mitigate them
Process and Architecture / Product documentation best practices.
End to end Software lifecycle process tailoring from concept to cash
Identify mandatory and optional standards
Improving efficiencies of scale and project estimation capabilities.
Discover and institutionalize process, templates, and checklists and identify organization assets and  artifacts.
Help in creating an organization metaphor or taxonomy.
Create a Knowledge Management Practice and culture of innovation and fail fast, fail forward and  fail cheap.
Establish project compliance and identify what are the impediments and bottlenecks that needs to  be cleared to make way.
Process improvement initiatives and tools to bring out the same.
Buy v/s Build how to go about the same.
Process / Project Metrics What should you capture and what should be monitor?
Build Architecture thinking with agility infused in them. Architect mentoring and grooming services.
Building an architect eco system for companies and professionals to benefit mutually.


Technology Evangelization and Go to market strategies with your content. We help your content fly but helping you create analyst style reporting that can grab eyeballs and real state that can help drive attention and traffic towards your offerings.

We help you with reviewing your best practices both technology and process wise and suggest changes both near term and in the long term that you can truly help you with better product strategy and arriving at keep your eyes on the end goal without missing them.

We help you evangelize on your IT / business /cloud / transformation stories ( agile / lean /six sigma ) and provide you with content that helps your brand stand out amongst the competition.

We take care of your enterprise architecture and solution consulting needs. We help you manage scale and help you focus on your core strengths that is your domain and help you with getting your enterprise road map in shape and how to put the pieces of your architecture and enterprise together to see the big picture that always looks like it was painted or done some time back instead of reflecting on current realities.

We consult on getting your act right and help you with organizing the all important core of your company’s enterprise , your DNA. Be it a grounds up stage development effort or an enterprise that was in the top quadrant and now losing it sheen due to organizational roadblocks or market realities. Consulting at eturnti is all about having systems and processes in place which run for eternity or build to last as it called. In today’s world “build to last” has many different connotations and meanings based on the context and  often read as “built to change” , what is good for an organisation. We at eturnti help and ensure that the organisations we work with turn to their own intelligence/inner voice when faced with a crisis or want to plan the next steps ahead.

We can work with you for a few hours to days and years based on your need.

Contact Email: maileturnti[at]eturnti[dot]com