Consulting on the following areas :

1. Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture Best Practices
Cloud Advisory – Which Cloud provider to go for given your situation.
Cloud Assessment – What steps you need to take as an organization to go the cloud way.
Vendor Neutral Cloud Best Fit Assessment                                                                                            
2. Product Development using a mix of best of breed product management practices.
3. IT Strategy and Product Evangelizing
4. Lean IT Principles and how to apply to Organizational Context.
5. Product Management and Product Development
6. Productizing a Concept and Go to market Strategies.
7. Using Enterprise best practices for better delivery.
8. Articulating Vision and Formulating Organization Strategy.
9. Set up your business unit with a holistic model with the bed rock of a cost center model.

We help you evangelize on your IT / business /cloud / transformation stories ( agile / lean /six sigma ) and provide you with content that helps your brand stand out amongst the competition.

We take care of your enterprise architecture and solution consulting needs. We help you manage scale and help you focus on your core strengths that is your domain and help you with getting your enterprise road map in shape and how to put the pieces of your architecture and enterprise together to see the big picture that always looks like it was painted or done some time back instead of reflecting on current realities.

We consult on getting your act right and help you with organizing the all important core of your company’s enterprise , your DNA. Be it a grounds up stage development effort or an enterprise that was in the top quadrant and now losing it sheen due to organizational roadblocks or market realities. Consulting at eturnti is all about having systems and processes in place which run for eternity or build to last as it called. In today’s world “build to last” has many different connotations and meanings based on the context and  often read as “built to change” , what is good for an organisation. We at eturnti help and ensure that the organisations we work with turn to their own intelligence/inner voice when faced with a crisis or want to plan the next steps ahead.

We can work with you for a few hours to days and years based on your need.

Contact Email: asketurnti[at]eturnti[dot]com