Agile Architecture Tip 1 – Used by most architecture frameworks

Agility and Architecture uses a common tip to speed by agility amongst teams and is known as “Centralize Interoperability and Decentralize Implementation. There is a detailed blog on the same on the site here  for more details. This tip is inherently used by many architectural frameworks such as Togaf and even project management frameworks.


Techgig Talk : Why should you care to create a Reference Architecture In Your Organization

Key Take Aways from the Presentation

How to relate to Enterprise Architecture Frameworks such as Togaf and Zachmann and make it work for your in your Organization ?

  • Why do need an architecture in place in a product or solution ?
  • Why are different views to architecture important and why is important to create the one that you are interested in ?
  • How do you apply framework level separation of views to create a reference architecture ?
  • What is the role of architecture vis-a-vis agility? How much architecture is needed for the hour ?
  • How will people in the organization benefit from having a visual representation of architecture. It is there for all to see.

Use a Balanced Score Card For Your Organization

Balanced Scorecard is a effective technique to monitor and set strategic goals for Organisation. It has endured twenty years of existence and is an effective tool used in Enterprise Architecture and used widely across enterprises big and small.

Need one for your organisation when you need to revisit goals and set new ones. Track them to closure and make strategy everyone’s business instead of being handed over from the top. Watch this video on how to arrive at a basic BSC for your Organisation.

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