Accredited Six Sigma Online Training

Six Sigma is useful for an organization to help it achieve perfection in its journey towards organization excellence.Six Sigma’s focus is on eliminating defects and reducing variability in achieving organization goals and objectives.

Six Sigma methodology is the implementation of a measurement-based strategy that focuses on process improvement

Six Sigma value proposition for Your Organization?

You want your organization to be rated high on quality which shall influence customer confidence in their products and services.

Improve on time delivery of assets and goods and services.

Reduce defect injection rate in your deliverables.

Get superior ROI on your initiatives.

Better operations and customer satisfaction .

It is not a manufacturing thing anymore it can be used for just about any industry and is quite often used to streamline IT operations.


Accredited COBIT Online Training

Why you Should Take This Course:


COBIT is a framework for developing, implementing, monitoring and improving information technology (IT) governance and management practices. The COBIT framework is published by the IT Governance Institute and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). It is an effective tool to help companies with business optimization and help create a growth path and help create business success. COBIT is a internationally accepted framework for helping organizations achieve their organization and Information technology goals and objectives. It combines governance , risk and value creation as a part of the framework.

Browse the course syllabus for a full module by module breakdown of what’s included.

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COBIT 5 and its value proposition for Your Organization?

COBIT helps organizations with the following salient features.
  1. Helps companies align their Enterprise goals with IT goals in the near time and in future.
  2.  Helps deliver value and helps in value creation apart from helping extract more intrinsic value from IT.
  3.  Helps with efficient management of resources in the people , process and technology areas.
  4.  Helps create organization metrics and KPIs on various fronts to achieve strategic initiatives coupled with the use of balance scorecards to achieve goal congruence.

Accredited PRINCE 2 Online Trainings












Why you Should Take This Course:


PRINCE2 is the de facto project management standard. It provides the skills to make you confident about successfully managing projects. That’s because PRINCE2 uses a common language, systems and procedures. This allows you to control resources and risks. PRINCE2’s controls lead to fewer mistakes, but the lessons log teaches you and your team how to learn from them.

You can save time, money and effort with PRINCE2. Best of all, it’s adjustable. So no matter what the industry, company size, project size or even methods already in use, you can tailor PRINCE2 to work effectively.

Browse the course syllabus for a full module by module breakdown of what’s included.

With this course, you’ll receive 6 months access from the date of purchase as well as a FREE exam voucher to use whenever you are ready to sit the exam!

Why Adopt PRINCE2 for Your Organization?

PRINCE2 Is the International Standard Method for Project Management. It is recognised as a world-class international product partly because it embodies many years of project management best practice and provides a flexible and adaptable approach for all projects. Its method provides a framework covering the wide variety of disciplines and activities required within a project. PRINCE2 formally recognises responsibilities within a project, focuses on what a project is to deliver (the why, when and for whom) and provides your organisation’s projects with:



Accredited IT4IT Online Trainings


Why you Should Take This Course:



IT4IT is a useful to create a reference architecture for the business of IT. It uses a value chain approach to help create a value chain based approach to identify business effectiveness.

With this course, you’ll receive 6 months access from the date of purchase as well as a FREE exam voucher to use whenever you are ready to sit the IT4IT Level 1 exam!

IT4IT Standard value proposition for Your Organization?

It helps you to create a value chain for your operating model in a holistic manner not ignoring any of the aspect of the IT value chain from concept to cash all through the journey.

Helps various vendors integrate their offerings to the IT4IT value streams and thereby create a common ground in terms of the offerings. Supports a prescriptive reference architecture using open standards and interfaces.

Why does IT need the IT4IT Standard?

The IT4IT standard provides a vendor-neutral, technology-agnostic, and industry-agnostic reference architecture for managing the business of IT, enabling insight for continuous improvement. Together, the IT4IT Value Chain and Reference Architecture deliver the following to IT practitioners:Provides the capabilities for managing the business of IT that will enable IT execution across the entire Value Chain in a better, faster, cheaper way with less risk.

    • Provides prescriptive guidance on the specification of and interaction with a consistent service model backbone (common data model/context)
    • Supports real-world use-cases driven by the Digital Economy (e.g., Cloud-sourcing, Agile, DevOps, and service brokering)
    • Embraces and complements existing process frameworks and methodologies (e.g., ITIL®, CoBIT®, SAFe, and TOGAF®) by taking a data-focused implementation model perspective, essentially specifying an information model across the entire value chain
    • Is industry-independent to solve the same problems for everyone.
    • Is designed for existing landscapes and accommodates future IT paradigms.



Accredited Archimate Online Trainings


Why learn Archimate ?


Archimate is a business modelling tool used by Architects to visualize the business relationships in an unambiguous way. Just as notation and the modelling technique that is used to draw up building plans is common across building architects , IT architects can use this specification to   operation of business processes, organizational structures, information flows, IT systems, and technical infrastructure . This specification helps one and all concerned with the task of documenting the current system and to understand the same by providing a common taxonomy and vocabulary for understanding the workings of business domains and how stakeholders communicate with regard to the same amongst one an other.

Module wise detailed syllabus is available at this link.

The course includes a 12 month access to the material and a free exam voucher is also included along with.

ArchiMate 3.0 Course Value Proposition ?

Archimate is an Open Group Standard and is used by many companies to visualize the architecture and use this a basis of arriving at their AS IS architecture and TO BE architecture. It is quite a handy tool for an Enterprise Architecture who wants to depict the business IT relationship that exists across many business domains. Archimate is owned and maintained by the Open Group as a standard and is aligned with TOGAF as well. Business IT collaboration can be easy with this tool and it helps the stakeholders understand the big picture for effective business IT alignment which is a hard to achieve mandate in most organizations. Archimate specification can be used to create multiple stakeholder views and viewpoints.The current Archimate standard is at 3.0 which has evolveed from Archimate 2.1. It is an effective tool for creating a graphic description of a companys enterprise architecture.