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Why learn Archimate ?


Archimate is a business modelling tool used by Architects to visualize the business relationships in an unambiguous way. Just as notation and the modelling technique that is used to draw up building plans is common across building architects , IT architects can use this specification to   operation of business processes, organizational structures, information flows, IT systems, and technical infrastructure . This specification helps one and all concerned with the task of documenting the current system and to understand the same by providing a common taxonomy and vocabulary for understanding the workings of business domains and how stakeholders communicate with regard to the same amongst one an other.

Module wise detailed syllabus is available at this link.

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ArchiMate 3.0 Course Value Proposition ?

Archimate is an Open Group Standard and is used by many companies to visualize the architecture and use this a basis of arriving at their AS IS architecture and TO BE architecture. It is quite a handy tool for an Enterprise Architecture who wants to depict the business IT relationship that exists across many business domains. Archimate is owned and maintained by the Open Group as a standard and is aligned with TOGAF as well. Business IT collaboration can be easy with this tool and it helps the stakeholders understand the big picture for effective business IT alignment which is a hard to achieve mandate in most organizations. Archimate specification can be used to create multiple stakeholder views and viewpoints.The current Archimate standard is at 3.0 which has evolveed from Archimate 2.1. It is an effective tool for creating a graphic description of a companys enterprise architecture.