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Why you Should Take This Course:


TOGAF® has become the defacto certification for Architects for aligning business with IT. The numbers speak for themselves with increasing number of people getting certified every year across the world. It is an acronym for “The Open Group Architecture Framework” – It is the industry-standard methodology and framework for performing EA work and is used by a whole lot of IT professionals Architects and consultants across various organizations. The body of knowledge is quite useful and a must have for any seasoned IT professional and sets the stage for success with enterprise transformations.

Many a business and digital transformation initiatives need this body of knowledge to ensure that people in charge of such initiatives understand the nuances of transformations where a combination of people, process and technology skills in the right proportion can ensure continued success.

Agility and Architecture are two wheels that makes an organization move ahead when in balance. What is the right balance to have them work for your organization? How can you balance it and at the same time achieve business results, transformations and even simple align your organization IT goals in the right direction. The workshop will help one understand how to engage these two concerns in any organizations.

What is the TOGAF Specification?

TOGAF as a framework can be explained in short as a methodology that can help one to manage your architecture while moving from AS IS to TO BE state in your product or solution. AS IS can be anything progress from your current IT landscape. You can be in anywhere on your journey towards accomplishing your mission and how do you go towards getting there all the while caring about agility and not taking your eye off on the milestones and cost.

As can be known from experience there can be no single silver bullet to IT transformations, each customer is a case study in itself. The larger the portfolio, the more difficult it is to straight jacket it into a group. Experience comes by walking alongside the customer. A lot of case studies shall augment the accredited workshop from Eturnti Enterprise Consulting and our testimonials vouch for the same. TOGAF exposes architects to a methodology which mature organizations have used as a tried and tested best practice and have earned value. Many of the companies in the fortune list have used it extensively and have tailored them to suit their stack and solve their pain points, issues.

You will be able to mix agility and know how architecture relates to it. Very useful for a solution architect, enterprise architect as you move along your career path and how to apply Togaf EA framework in practice. Practical knowledge of TOGAF 9.1 and help you with clearing the TOGAF Certification and become a TOGAF 9.1 Certified Architect. A case study will run through the course which will help get the practical side of using and tailoring TOGAF 9.1 for your organization