About eturnti

We are an enterprise/software/solution architecture company based out of Bangalore.


All organisations have an innate intelligence which enabled them to become an organisation in the first place. Most often organisations who reach some height do not  get their steps right in terms of moving in the turns often failing to tap their intelligence. Intelligence in organisations and enterprises is hidden and disconnected and at times do not augment the need of the hour. The fallout would be enterprises fail to step up to the current challenges which once enabled them to stay ahead of the curve no longer seem to work. We often see what works to maintain a company of 10 is not enough when the numbers go up. We have all sorts of challenges right from knowledge management, isolated knowledge pockets, non modular legacy, all pieces glued together,scaling up the build , hit the right numbers on performance , get the architecture right , do we have people with the right skills and knowledge and many more.

All of these need to tap the organisational intelligence at various points and dovetail them to align with the business and eventually technology needs to enable this to provide value to the business, stakeholders and customers.

We at eturnti provide valuable consultancy and training services to validate your architecture provide you with enterprise and solution architecture consultancy. Also provide training on enterprise architecture, software architecture,requirement analysis and related areas to help align your teams well to the shared vision of the company rather to get it right  and with getting on with building the enterprise of your liking.

We help legacy and also advise on grounds up architectures to achieve organisation success and can help with you in the turnaround be it going from point A to B or from B to D on your architectural road map and back to A across the iterations and spirals now made famous by the “Agile manifesto” keeping in mind agility. Who said building blocks are needed only in the beginning ,in fact they are needed when your enterprise twists and turns and  at eturnti we help you arrange, build and rebuilt your enterprise.