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Eturnti Consulting is now an Open Group Member



Eturnti Consulting is now an Open Group Member and have the commercial license to consult and train on TOGAF 9.1. Being part of the Open Group provides you privilege access to whitepapers and content produced from thought leaders from all across the industry. One key benefit to being part of the group is it happens to be vendor neutral and and focused towards any technology platform although the open standards contribute to making companies leverage on the common strength of the best practices gathered from across diverse verticals and industry segments. You need a tribe to grow your sphere of influence and being seen having a strong presence in your area of interest. Being part of a larger community helps you banking on the common strength of the community and has the advantage of taking your offerings to a larger audience. Apart from having used some Open Group standards for SOA, ARM 4.0 (application response time measurement) , Security and has a bankable list of assets which can be a ready reference when confronted with some industry issue that you end up dealing with for the first time. Learning from the past experience of certain projects and collective strength of the community is a good way forward for reaffirming your gut on certain things especially when you as an organization does not have prior experience in that area and want assistance.

Looking forward to leveraging the benefits of the Open Group for meaning dialogues and partnerships with organizations.