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Why we should all be called CCOs and join the CXO Club ?


We have many C layer people already and what the hell is the new CCOs – Chief Curator Officer. If we see our actions around what is most often do often , like share or tweet or re-tweet although doing any of the above does mean endorsement. In the information age you are counted by what you like or dislike or share or indirectly attach yourself you. It has always being like that but now it is all out in the open for all to see and in the public. You can get to know which person likes what kind of interests even before connecting up with him. It is in fact a kaleidoscope of what you stand for in the digital world. This is the reason why your online presence is very important. Be it an individual or company or an entity you need to to let people know what you all about and having a web presence makes it easy. Also you need to tell people in precise terms what this means and without any ambiguity attached to it.

Ways to earn the Chief Curator Officer title 

1. Start a blog of your chosen field of interest.

2. Create your web presence on facebook, youtube, twitter,pinterest,linkedin, instagram ,vine, paperli etc etc.

3. Be specific very very specific on what you do and what you or your product / solution stands for.Will help you differentiate better.

4. Remember to evangelize or story tell what you have to say in a way that appeals to your targeted audience.

5. You are judged by how many people you can influence positively and this certainly makes your job of product evangelization much easier.

Why you as a company or individual needs to earn the Chief Curator Title 

If you can send you message across to your intended audience , customers , potential clients and prospective folks of your kind then learn to story tell your story that is captivating to them and gets them interested. This is actually a game changer , the one who curates more and does it well wins the attention of his/her audience. It is all the more important for you as a company to create public wikis, blogs , videos and other content that will help you create and showcase your capabilities . Now you are just a click away from winning that customer or perhaps losing it if you do not learn the art of curating information. Some companies may say they do not have a budget for creating an online presence, in fact it is like saying we do not care to build an audience. If you do not have someone listening to you and do not make the right noise then you have potentially lost in the new digital world. So go ahead curate your offerings and leverage on capabilities to build them if you not have them internally . Get people to do it for you. This will be one of the many steps that you do to get your product or solution off the ground. Do it now lest the competition gets that coveted title of CCO.